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Bespoke Type K thermocouples

Rice Racing - Superior Type K Thermocouples

ATTENTION ! Methanol drag racers !

Over the last 4 years these probes have been proving themselves where it matters - on the race track. Many have taken advantage of the performance gains brought on by running these V's vastly inferior legacy items - in some cases entire fleets of cars have been changed over to the donmega.

Just a small highlight below of the kind of response and accuracy you will see in this type of application and use. Ironically methanol turbocharged cars are some of the easiest applications from an operational limit view however where these items prove their worth is in response and reporting what is actually happening.

Syvecs link (by Rice Racing) on probes made better

After many years of using suppliers manufactured Type K thermocouples we saw that there was much room for improvement with regards to response and multi use ability.

There is lots to consider here:

  • Too small and they don't last
  • Too thick and they don't work (IE: Inaccurate/useless in transients)
  • Sub par materials and manufacture (IE: Poor performance/durability)

Solution, test and test some more using the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials available. The rigorous program resulted in a probe that can be used for any application, it can eliminate the need to run conventional and far slower air charge temperature sensors, in fact there is near limitless uses for these when combined with a multi channel Type K interface your imagination is the only limit.

In our standard tests these are up to 100 degrees C closer to the real temperature (which means no more melted turbine wheels due to under reported EGT) they have a minimized thermal well effect which also means the temperature will be much more accurate for a majority of operating conditions especially when knock is present in the engine! They will sense and report any engine miss fires or unstable combustion events as well *proven* as fast as a laboratory grade equivalent NTK Lambda sensor for example. How do we know? we actually do it, daily, out in field running across many end users, with the same base hardware/software used in current LMP1 Le-Mans and Prototype race cars.

The durability is excellent, unlike others they use the highest grade motorsport application temperature resistant potting compound so no more premature failures where the wires join to the strain relief sections.

Are they the best? Not arrogant enough to say that but they are so good that the users wont shut up about how good they are :)

The EGT probe made better

Analysis of what 'poor' EGT readings do to Turbomachinery, here is a failed turbine wheel, basically molested Rolf Harris style, exhaust gas temperature recorded at 1170 degrees C ! probes = fine, turbine wheel = molested

A superior sensor, many in field all still going, tested strong, tested well.

Pictures Click to View

Individual Cylinder Balance only possible with Rice Racing Don Mega Probes, this is a subject on its own which I will get to one day. But keep in mind it is NOT about which cylinder is hottest (they ALL vary) it is where it peaks and the only way you can find this out reliably is with a donmega probe and our testing methodology. Once done right you can run a port injected engine near 1.200L without rough running, cause every cylinder is producing its torque at the average fuel flow rate in similar fashion to all the others. You wont see your A Typical Automotive 'TUNA' ever talking about this cause they just don't know the basics.

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