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     Cars Engineered by Rice Racing

Justin's EVOX SST

^ Owner built ! SST Tranny equipped true 9 second proven steet animal ready to molest Kuntz !.

Eric's Audi TT

^ Owner built ! Sweet AF Audi TT VR6 Turbo !.

Pete's Lotus Elise

^ Circuit Animal ! Pure performance at its BEST.

Jett's Nazi Bus R32 Golf

^ When your car is normally aspirated the final solution is TURBO + SYVECS.

Charle's EVO9

^ Tarmac, Mud, Rain, Hail, Snow, ICE, nothing stops this all rounder.

Charle's Datsun R34

^ Best real street Skyline GTR in the world? we think so.

Vic's crazy Lambo!

^ Tried the rest, and wanted the best, Rice Racing saved this from being a lemon.

Charle's 2002 Spirit R Type A RX7

^ Another Ferrari F40 slayer! Show me the money, The only rotary road car to this day with proven acceleration performance for all to see. NOT toilet paper dyno sheet.

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