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Life Racing, Syvecs, Pectel, Motec, Autronic, Apexi Power FC.  can be calibrated professionally, Ve modeling expertise full engine calibration with zero guess work, supporting workshops and individual customers.

Specializing in calibrating 'professional motorsports'  ECU to rotary engine applications


Got a project build you need help on? Correct set up advice, parts selection, ECU tuning (scientific engine calibration) on ALL platforms, The highest level of support , 100% customer service satisfaction

For Project Consultancy P&A >  EMAIL TODAY!

^ The worlds best true street RX7  "Faster than a Ferrari F40? Zonda? ZR1 Vette? = yes!!!"

All on pump petrol *NEW* RRWEP140 water injection

"The leader in proven performance upgrades, testing, and analysis"

   Rice Racing The WORLD LEADER in ROTARY ENGINE and TURBOCHARGED engine development, combining the best equipment with all round qualified experience, to achieve the ultimate results. Unlike the MANY pretenders out there I personally run what I sell & it's available to be proven 24/7, as its reliable and it works!, and it leads the wannabe's in TRUE RELIABLE ROTARY & TURBOCHARGED PERFORMANCE.

Services: (CLICK ON LINKS below to see the Don's wisdom and proven results!)

  • Tuning (REAL WORLD RESULTS V's DYNO DREAMS!)   < The real world engine power analysis expert RR, our cars run to this day! they don't need hype to sell! when they set a record high power run they drive them selves off the dyno or track and back to the owners home and don't need to be pushed off the dyno! or towed home with another broken engine. Fact v's Fiction? just ask your current pusher to take you for a ride in his own car! IF HE HAS ONE TO BACK UP HIS CLAIMS??? TRUST ONLY HE who personally runs what he sells! STOP BEING USED AS AN EXPERIMENT BY YOUR CURRENT WORKSHOP!!!

 Email: peter@riceracing.com.au

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