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Life Racing & Syvecs Electronics, calibrated to the highest tollerances, Port + Direct Injection, NA and Turbocharged, Ve modeling expertise with full engine flow analysis and zero guess work, supporting workshops and individuals.

Specializing in calibration, training, and on-going engineering support for ANY (reciprocating or rotary) engine application, Full Gearbox, Traction, Knock Control, GPS, and bespoke display/logger + Analysis set up/experience and much much more!.

NO Face-ARSE-book hype "promising you the world and delivering you an Atlas"  RICE RACING is the one they all turn too. WHY? well there is No snake oil pay to play 1 week courses with "toilet paper worthy" certifications, just cars that run as they should, so when you are sick of the rest choose the best!


Got a project build you need help on? Correct set up advice, parts selection, ECU tuning (scientific engine calibration), The highest level of support.

For Project Consultancy P&A >  EMAIL TODAY!

^ The worlds best true street RX7  "Faster than a Ferrari F40? Zonda? ZR1 Vette? = yes!!!"

All on pump petrol *NEW* RRWEP140 water injection

"The leader in proven performance upgrades, testing, and analysis"

   Rice Racing ROTARY ENGINE and TURBOCHARGED engine development, combining the best equipment with all round qualified experience.

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 Email: peter@riceracing.com.au

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