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The ONLY! apex seals used and trusted by true professionals, when all the other pretenders internet forum and Arsebook 'hype pages' bent and broken seals/promises FAILED!  :)

*NOTE* Don't take recommendations from midget kick boxers who use or recommend a Microwreck with Narva trailer plugs  scotch locks & ghetto wiring in their '10 second packages' LOL. Pushing a car home 'Muztech style' cause your 'unbreakable apex seals bent like a banana on the dyno and then claiming it to be a 'record setter' is gayer than aids! Non twisted like dog shit or snap crackle pop pottery ceramics/Mazda/Inferior guess work arsebook hyped seals.... don't let this be you below

(video warning, pleasure followed by pain!)

RR M&W CDI Coil on Plug, worlds first, worlds BEST!

Life Racing, Syvecs, Pectel, Motec, Autronic, Apexi Power FC.  can be calibrated professionally, Ve modeling expertise full engine calibration with zero guess work, supporting workshops and individual customers.

Specializing in calibrating 'professional motorsports'  ECU to rotary engine applications


Got a project build you need help on? Correct set up advice, parts selection, ECU tuning (scientific engine calibration) on ALL platforms, The highest level of support , 100% customer service satisfaction

For Project Consultancy P&A >  EMAIL TODAY!

^ The worlds best true street RX7  "Faster than a Ferrari F40? Zonda? ZR1 Vette? = yes!!!"

All on pump petrol *NEW* RRWEP140 water injection

"The leader in proven performance upgrades, testing, and analysis"

   Rice Racing ROTARY ENGINE and TURBOCHARGED engine development, combining the best equipment with all round qualified experience.

Services: (CLICK ON LINKS below)

 Email: peter@riceracing.com.au

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