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     Rice Racing - Fact V Fiction

Rice Racing - LGBTIQA+ ECU choice matters

TRANS ECU's - Fake V Real dont end up in bed with what claims to be something its not and never will be !

Rice Racing - Water Injection

Water injection - the final solution.

Rice Racing - Donmega Type K thermocouples

For any system. These are our own designed and manufactured premium quality Type K thermocouples, click above to see more.

Rice Racing - Bespoke NTK Lambda sensors

If you want to know rather than guess what is accurate? then you need a Rice Racing hand calibrated NTK sensor, click above to see more.

Rice Racing - Fuel Pressure Regulators

Fuel Pressure Regulators - What is better 1:1 or rising rate? why and what to consider, we show the technical aspects and worked examples.

Rice Racing - Knock Control Good (not ghetto)

Knock Knock, who is there? Well some know some do not, an internet or blog post or piece of paper counts for dick when the motor has to come out after it tried to disassemble itself cause you believed a snake V's doing doing proper due diligence.

Rice Racing - V "Monkey See Monkey Do" TUNA

The correct way V the others, any where, any time, any place, many applications, while the others have excuses we just have happy endings :)

Rice Racing - Dyno Dreams

Dynocrap, proguess3000, dynamic dogturd, as long as there has been 'claims' there has been dyno wars !  Some basic maths, a brain, and a good ECU is all that is required.

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