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Knock Knock who's there?

Rice Racing - Knock control Fact V Fiction


Below video showing another Rice Racing car that runs on pump petrol and water injection, this is only possible with a proven knock control system that actually works.

Aquamist Thread on Knock Control

It's all about knock control, running the engine to its limit (even a 100% standard delivered engine) when I was proving this system.

Water Injection, and a real (not a paper/internetz 'claimed' feature tick sheet special) professional control box, and a person with a brain are all that is required. Seems simple but these days ironically it's harder than ever (too much wrong advice from nobodies on everything from shit electronics choices onwards) go figure.

FYI the best human physical muscle reaction to audio stimulus is around 0.170 seconds... that is an eternity in engine terms. Given ~9000rpm example of 0.0066 seconds per cycle event, this means the rotary engine will knock>detonate at least 25 times before you lift your foot off the accelerator "retarded" in every sense of the word, love the internetz education handed out by educatorz/trainerz/tutorz

Below picture showing knock control working in a 'fragile' Wankel rotary turbo engine. Every single cycle of the engine is recorded and acted upon all the time at high load, even a blind man can see this. Defined, clear patterns, no blogger bullshit! Statistics in this roughly one second high lighted section 150 cycles in this time period (with ~30 active separate adjustments at pre defined number of cycles, which allows a heat transfer change to reduce and control the knock) 7500rpm to 7800rpm @ 220kph, good luck doing similar with with headphones kunts :)  Here the engine lives, V's the pretenders many excuses and inferior ECU alternatives it would be out for a LS swap many times over.....

These knock and random 'super knock' events need to be dealt with within one engine cycle, on this engine example if you can't then it's GAME OVER ! It's easy with the right electronics/hardware/software, to not only see what is happening, but also manage it (100% stock standard 'fragile' rotary engine) running it to its knock limits all of the time in an active manner, and letting the ECU manage the final spark timing.

The Knock Control proven on worlds most shit engine design (The Turbo Wankel Rotary)

Done once, done right, we use knock sensors and our own set up, which is defined on a real engine and a lab scope, hundreds of hours of research/testing/field validation via logged engine hours at full load (not seconds like others?) means you have a car with the most fragile/rubbish engine ever designed by man that is capable to run at the highest performance levels on the shittest fuel quality around, why? RICE RACING is why :)

Unlike the pretenders these cars still run, they have un disputed performance validated by the highest quality equipment currently available.

Pictures Click to View

We even have more advanced technology where we use a little known fact of EGT temperature fluctuations (using our own super fast and accurate Don Mega EGT Probes) to allow very fine analysis and control of the combustion process, this acts as another fine layer of control input to the overall knock control system strategy.

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