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     Cars Engineered by Rice Racing

Customer Cars:

Charle's Datsun R34

^ Best real street Skyline GTR in the world? we think so!

Vic's crazy Lambo!

^ Tried the rest, and went to the BEST! Rice Racing saved this from being a lemon!

Charle's 2002 Spirit R Type A RX7

^ Another Ferrari F40 slayer! FASTEST STREET RX7 IN THE WORLD! AGAIN!

Nathan's 2002 Series 8 Stealth Spec RX7 Spirit R
^ Wakefield park record holder for street legal RX7 1:07.050 Natsoft timing link

Sandy's 1998 Series 7 Aus Spec RX7

Alistair's 1994 RX7

Robs's (Brisbane) 2000 RX7

FERRARI F360 DESTROYER!!! PROVEN *CLICK TO SEE PROPER VBOX BACK TO BACK ANALYSIS!*^ 0-100kph = 4.21 seconds & 12.20 @ 117.58mph ON STREET (RR VBOX3 verified)

Bernhard's RX7

Rob's 2000 RX7

In Car Movies:

Some of these are large...allow time to download!!

Rice SP FD3s RX7 Having fun at Wakefield Park (Not trying to go fast :) *Fastest sequential twin turbo FD3S road car @ this race track*)

Water Injection Movies:

These are quite large...allow time to download!!

Series 2 RX7 With 440 Rear Wheel Horsepower and water injection


Summernats 2008 Winning Mazda Capella with 588+ Rear Wheel Horsepower and water injection

Demonstration of some of the Components used for water injection

Featured Project Cars:

  Rice SP - Rice Racing's Genuine Mazda SP


RICESP "The Don" 100kph to 200kph = 7.53 seconds! The supercar destroyer!


Faster than a Ferrari F40?............ "YES WE CAN"  NO magic fuel required! you can drive anywhere in the world and fill up on proper petrol, at any fuel outlet, no excuses, no MAD MAX fuel drums in tow!!! The first and the genuine Pump Petrol Professor :)

Fastest Time for a Street legal Sequential Turbo FD until I beat it myself in Nathan's car

Pete's Old RX7 Zoom Magazine Feature Article (9 Mb PDF File)

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