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My VW MKV Golf R32

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Lez & son

" 2.5 Years ago we began our project to boost a MKV R32 GOLF. We found most people re flashed their ECU; however we wanted to have full control and so found Syvecs. For the last 2 years Peter has been tuning the MKV R32 that we turbocharged, and it had been an unbelievable journey.

Pete’s experience and knowledge in mechanical engineering (and engine thermodynamics) shows in how professionally he has been towards setting up our car. It’s been bulletproof, and the power has increased from 134kw to nearly 300kw at the wheels, showing just how awesome he is at tuning.

Jett and Daniel Guerin"

Syvecs ECU, the final solution

Analysis of engine operation, variable valve optimization, TIP (exhaust blockage analysis), Donmega probe cylinder balancing.

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Syvecs electronics integration (when only the best will do)

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