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Rice Racing - Dyno Dreams Fact or Fiction?

Rice Racing - rwhp/hubhp/bhp V poor performance?

I am going to launch right into this totally contentious topic with the amount of respect it deserves, zero.

Hands up who has done a search/talked to a self professed Gen Y expert to find out what factor or HP loss is ARSEummed for their chassis dyno combination after getting a car turn up with a toilet paper sheet print out showing 10 jizzilion BHP @ the wheels bro! on Masturbate dyno set up to read like a Lesbojet cause they give exaggerated numbers bro!

Lets clear this up once and for all.

All claimed engine power from chassis dyno numbers from a certain brand in the USA are 100% total fiction, make no doubt any inferred engine power projections are as accurate as a Ronald McDonald Trump press conference ! Here is a nugget of information taken from their own holly grail NASCAR, this is not made up, its fact, work out what you want from this and apply it for yourself.

Sub 890bhp engines, making ~830bhp (at the wheels) across multiple cars on same day same test! Now you go tell me the losses you are working out of claiming to sell your turbo kits on Arsebook and then saying "oh but its XYZ factor" and "Lesbo-dynamics in Australia reads 15% to 20% less" well you are an A grade simpleton, take a look here and look at one of 200+ dyno runs I did on the "low reading dyno" and how it even is an optimistic figure. We have run in engine cell then in chassis one on same day, across every type of brand you can imagine. Data collected ranges in the hundreds all validated personally, some showing more brake specific power at wheels then they did at the engine a week before, all on a "low reading chassis dyno".

None of this is 'magic' just take a look under my VBOX testing page to see the formula I derived myself and I use to this day, it was originally used manually 25 years ago, to measure cars with a video camera and a G meter! these days we do this all automated and validated with the best vehicle testing equipment used the world over (Race Logic VBOX professional grade). Our cars never see an exagerator3000 dyno unless just for shits and giggles as they are tested properly for performance each and every time the car is driven.

We have the lowest reported numbers, compared to many a chassis 'dyno' but they are accurate/repeatable and reflect the true situation, they are corroborated via thermal efficiency checks when the required sensors are fitted, and finally they are backed up with vehicular performance, that is a 3 way validation process. Double the average power you double the average acceleration and you halve the time/distance taken to do the work, this is evident each and every single time across any platform, basic math does not lie here, never has.

NASCAR figures below (click links) Guessjet figures....

Chassis Dyno test results 1

Hypejet4000 results.... "At the wheels Bro!"

Chassis Dyno test results 2

Here is the exact power generated on the engine dyno from  ECR engines: 890bhp which means a very high (for the rpm @ peak) specific power of 153.4bhp/lt/bar

Facts 1

Facts 2

The process of telling shit from clay

Analysis of 'rwhp' on a "low reading" Australian Dyno, I lost count how much of this crap I have had to deal with over the years ~460rwhp OH what would that be at the crank?

Same car run at same conditions on track measure the 'real' rwhp with proper maths and checks and balances 407rwhp, where did the other 53rwhp go???? Lets not forget some/lots of people claim absolutely stupid multiplication factors for these "Lesbo-dynamics" in non shitout mode rwhp it is just plainly ridiculous. One such engine builder with similar car claimed 100bhp more power than us yet accelerated 3+ seconds slower in the same type of car same weight from 100kph to 200kph.....

This engine would be lucky to  exceed a normalized ~505bhp to 515bhp (this is engine power for those not with me here) see the thermal eff and fuel used below, we check this multiple ways remember one of them being the vehicular dynamics 100kph to 200kph in 4.299 seconds = quite fast.

A 'Real' measured honest 407rwhp  ~500bhp

100kph to 200kph in 4.299 seconds (using the gearbox!)

Pictures Click to View

End of the day the only thing that matters is the performance, if you have the claimed power then you will have the performance. Without that the only person you can convince is yourself, especially pissing on and on about "Bro its 550wheel corrected in Retardistan through slicks" who gives a shit !


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